DIY Paper Flowers

I thought I would start the day off today with a DIY project of paper flowers! With a little bit of creativity and some crafty hands, you can create really beautiful centerpieces or bouquets out of pretty paper! I chose to do paper flowers for my flower girls so they could take them home as a keepsake. They turned out beautiful!  But I must warn you. If you decide to do bouquets, they are very time consuming. However, the girls loved them and it definitely kept the cost down when it came to my flower budget! So get crafty and you’ll be surprised how fun and easy they are to make!

1. Paper Roses  2. Paper Bouquet Arrangement  3. Rolled Paper Flowers  4. Paper Peony’s

I made a paper rose bouquet for one of my flower girls by following this tutorial. I made the stems by pulling off the fabric flowers from a cheap bouquet I bought at Michael’s and hot glued the paper rose in its place. I also wrapped the bottom of the bouquet in ribbon to hide the cheap looking plastic.

Yellow and Gray Chevron inspiration

Being summer is my absolute favorite season, I’m really bummed its coming to an end.  I figured I’d end the season with something bright and sunny. Yellow and gray is one of my favorite color combinations.  And I just love anything with a chevron pattern!

cake: Love the Design  invitation: Adori Designs

Hot off the Press: Rustic Purple and Green Save the Date Booklets

I’m completely ecstatic over these rustic save the date booklets that were just created for Angela and Eric! Not only did she use my favorite color combination of green and purple, she chose to go all out with her save the dates by choosing the booklet style (my absolute favorite thing to design). We also thought using a wood grain texture card stock would really add to the whole rustic feel. This was definitely a rustic beauty.




Go Organic

I can’t tell you how much I love living in our little cottage on the small organic farm in Hunterdon County. Although we are only renting for a short time, I am really appreciating everything around here. Sitting outside every night on our deck enjoying the beautiful view of the garden, the chickens and the grazing sheep is really something special. I’ve also become really appreciative of how much time and work goes into farming. So if you happen to pass a small farm stand, take a moment and stop. Not only will you be helping out your local farmers, you’ll be doing yourself a favor too by purchasing organic.

Below are 12 Fruits and Vegetables you should consider buying organic.

  1. Nectarines – 97.3% of nectarines sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  2. Celery – 94.5% of celery sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  3. Pears – 94.4% of pears sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  4. Peaches – 93.7% of peaches sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  5. Apples – 91% of apples sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  6. Cherries – 91% of cherries sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  7. Strawberries – 90% of strawberries sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  8. Imported Grapes – 86% of imported grapes sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  9. Spinach – 83.4% of spinach sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  10. Potatoes – 79.3% of potatoes sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  11. Bell Peppers – 68% of bell peppers sampled were found to contain pesticides.
  12. Red Raspberries – 59% of red raspberries sampled were found to contain pesticides.

Just a few things that are grown on the farm: Corn, Broccoli, Garlic, green peppers, zuccini, russet potatos, pumpkins, artichokes, and sunflowers! Take a moment and like Stanton Mountain Farm on facebook!

Wedding Bliss

Today my husband and I are celebrating our one year anniversary! It’s hard to believe that one year ago today on a HOT 103 day I married my best friend  in Long Beach Island, New Jersey. Today I’d like to share with you some of our wedding photos and our short 3 min wedding video. If you have a little longer than 3 min, check out our short film of our entire wedding day summed up in about 20 min. Enjoy!

wedding photos: Michael Juiliano, wedding cake and grooms cake: pink cake box, stationery: Adori Designs, video: Rob Adams Cinematography