DIY Get organized

Here at Adori Designs its all about getting organized this weekend. Having a busy summer with new clients, rush orders, and moving, my office has become a complete dumping ground. This weekend, I really want to focus on organizing all of my paperwork and basically making my office not only a place for work, but a place for inspiration. Check out some of these awesome DIY organization ideas!

1. cupcake organizer  2. dish rack office organizer  3. bathroom organization desk organization  5. craft punch organizer  6. unique shoe organizer

DIY Paper Flowers

I thought I would start the day off today with a DIY project of paper flowers! With a little bit of creativity and some crafty hands, you can create really beautiful centerpieces or bouquets out of pretty paper! I chose to do paper flowers for my flower girls so they could take them home as a keepsake. They turned out beautiful!  But I must warn you. If you decide to do bouquets, they are very time consuming. However, the girls loved them and it definitely kept the cost down when it came to my flower budget! So get crafty and you’ll be surprised how fun and easy they are to make!

1. Paper Roses  2. Paper Bouquet Arrangement  3. Rolled Paper Flowers  4. Paper Peony’s

I made a paper rose bouquet for one of my flower girls by following this tutorial. I made the stems by pulling off the fabric flowers from a cheap bouquet I bought at Michael’s and hot glued the paper rose in its place. I also wrapped the bottom of the bouquet in ribbon to hide the cheap looking plastic.