My first Craft Fair

On Saturday, I attended my very first craft fair! I have to say I never thought I would actually do one of these, but I figured why not make a little money and get my business name out there? It was a fairly small show but I definitely had fun. The unexpected surprise of my Water Street neighbors having a table next to me made my day even better. On December 3rd I will be taking part in another show, but this time a much bigger one. For this show, I will be making a few minor adjustments to the greeting cards. Instead of selling them individually, I will be selling them in bundles. You have to catch peoples eyes very quickly at these shows. By making the packaging extra adori-ble, I think will help. The craft fair on December 3rd will be held at Warren County Technical School, 1500 Route 57, Washington NJ

New Holiday Tags!

On Saturday, November 19th I will be taking part in my first craft show! I couldn’t be more excited about it! Since August, I have been designing greeting cards, holiday recipe cards, and gift tags (which I’m very thrilled about). Not only will you be able to buy these pieces at the craft show, but I will be setting up a shop through Etsy in a few weeks. Take a look at some of the gift tags! So if you aren’t busy Novemeber 19th, feel free to stop by my table. The craft fair will be held at the Franklin Township Fire Dept, Broadway Asbury Rd, Broadway, NJ from 9am-4pm. Hope to see you there!