Neon Inspired

Its apparent Neon colors are very in right now. Especially when its used as that “pop” accessory. Perhaps is the bright sun that was shinning through my window this morning or the fact my husband and I will be headed to Florida to visit family in the next few days that inspired me to blog about this today. I’m not sure, but today Im rockin’ my hot pink nails and bright yellow shoes. Today as I was browsing pinterest, I came across these fabulous items!! Now I want to go shopping.

1. Mixit Bright Neon 8pc Bangle Bracelets  2. Mytheresa Neon Green Belt  3. Neon Cake Knives  4. Neon Yellow Denim from Nordstrom  5. Kate Spade Pink Toed Flats  6. Eve Patent Satchel – Neon Orange  7. Christopher Kane Neon Clutches

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