Second Anniversary Photo Session

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new website! In the next couple weeks I am going to be introducing A LOT of new products. We’re talking an entire new Collection featuring unique greeting cards and custom invitations! In the meantime, I’d like to share something my husband and I did a few weeks ago.

I’ve always wanted to do a second photo session for our anniversary…just for fun. Let’s face it girls, you know you want to get back into your wedding dress and prance around the living room. Ok maybe you don’t, but I’ll admit it; every time I saw my wedding dress hanging in the closet, I was tempted to try it on and casually walk around the house. I desperately wanted to wear my dress again…. one more special moment without any of the stress that comes with a wedding. Another time my husband and I could dress up, laugh, get a little dirty and not have to worry about getting to our cocktail hour on time!

So that said, we contacted our fellow friend Jacque of Jaqueline Foxx Photography who happened to have a free weekend around our anniversary. Not only did she take amazing photos, but we had such a blast! I can’t tell you how many times people congratulated us thinking it was our wedding day. At one point, an entire motorcycle gang honked their horns as they passed us on the street. It was like we got married all over again! I can now say I am ready to finally preserve and pack away my dress knowing I got complete use out of it.

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Dress: Maggie Sottero   Makeup: Robin Elizabeth Makeup   Photography: Jaqueline Foxx Photography